Sunday, January 19, 2014

e.l.f. 14-Piece Nail Cube (Jewel Tones)

This is the nail polish portion of my haul. The colros I am reviewing are all from the.e.l.f. Essential 14-Piece Nail Cube - Limited Edition (Jewel Tones). It retails for $14 (which comes out to $1 each), but you can often find them on sale for $10.


This first color is "Taupe of the world".
It has a bit of a purple-ish hue to it, even though its a brown. In comparision to the "Smokey Brown", this shade is lighter.


Blushing Beauty
This one in my top favorite colors. Its very christmas-like and reminds me of tinsel. Yes, it goes on opaque, but it really looks much better with 2 coats. If you have ANY color under it, its opaque in one coat.
I really like the little bit of sparkle that is has ... it even has a bit of a bronze tint to it.


Dazzle Diva
This requires no less than 3 coats to look like my nail in the photo. It's a opalescent color, which might be why I don't like it very much.


Red-y or Not
This is a very jolly, merry, christmas-y color. The little bit of glittery look that is has is very nice. It goes really well with the "blushing beauty" and all the browns. Two coats.


Desert Haze
Desert haze is very similar to "Innocent", except that it is darker.


Sea Escape

... Not sure about this one. Okay, that's not true. I'm sure that the idea was good, but this is not a favorite color. It seems to be black polish with lots of blue glitter in it. Unfortunately, its really hard to see any blue unless you are looking really close. 
On the other hand, if you use either the "Gold Star" or "Chic Confetti" on top of this, you are able to see the blue sparkles. Not sure why ...
Anyways, this makes a good base for "Dazzle Diva".


Cherry Bomb

This color was oe of the reasons I chose this set. I was disappointed with it. It is so dark, it almost looks like a brown. If you are a vampire, it looks like dried blood. Three coats until is was opaque. 


Violet Velvet

Who likes purple? Who enjoys date night? Good, here is the polish for you. It goes on really dark, but you can definitely see the nice shade of violet. It is opaque (with no base coat) after one coat, but it looks best with 2 coats.
If I had to describe the look this gives you, it would be "mysterious" .....


Misty Haze

I do love gray nail polish. Why? It goes with every color out there!!!!

This was a very nice color, 2 coats needed, has a tiny hint of blue.


Chic Confetti

Eh. Its Christmas confetti: white, blue, green, red, and gold. I like glitter, but not confetti so much. If you like to have a party on your fingernails, have at it. It does work really well, its just not my type.


Gold Star

THIS is my type. It works great with 2 coats on almost every color, especially red and green. And white. This is probably my favorite polish in the whole set. It is a great combination of tiny glitter and larger glitter. Very much recommended! (Also, you can find this in a trio on the website)

Glamour Girl

This is like taupe with gold glitter. Enough said.


Green Machine

At first, I was like "Ah!! Green!" When it was on my fingers, it was more like "ah ... that's pretty dark ..."


Yes, I'm missing a color, "Smokey Brown". I can't find the picture! (There is a picture on my previous post, though.)

If you are looking to buy this set, you can find it here:

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E.L.F. Polish Trio Review

I recently received my huge haul from It included polish, makeup removers, the zip zapper ... lots of stuff! Today I want to talk about just this trio.

First, you should know that ELF offers 3 versions of this trio for $3. The set you see above is the "Nice and Natural". This trio set must be a very popular item, because when I went to order, I only had 2 or 3 different sets to choose from; the rest were out of stock!

Next. I do like ELF polish. It takes a long time to dry properly if you apply it too thick; keep that in mind when using it.

 In this "Nice and Natural" set, I loved all three colors. They go well together, they make a great base to add with other colors (neutrals or neons), they work well as accents ... if you like fall or chocolate, this is the set to have.

The colors in the picture are as follows, from left to right: "Smokey Brown", "Innocent", and "Nude".

Smokey Brown is a nice ...  dusty, smokey color. I want to get a nice royal blue to use with it. No, it doesn't look like poop.

The innocent is a much lighter version of smokey brown. It is a nice color for spring, as you could easily incorporate it into a color scheme of all pastels.

Nude was also just that; nude. I could hardly tell it was on my fingers. For someone with a darker skin tone, I'm sure it would stand out nicely. I would also make for great accents with a stamp kit.

If you are interested in purchasing this set, you can find it here: