Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creation Addictions + Updates

I haven't written in a while, because I have been busy with my hands. I have discovered two new loves to add next to my love of photography: pottery and sewing. Right now, I am working on sewing something every day since I don't have any classes. So far, I have made a scarf, a padded cage liner for my rats, and a t-shirt. The t-shirt was my first project, and I was pleased with how well my seams turned out. I took it to the Sewing Center here in Twin Falls and they gave me some good CC on how to improve. (Plus, all their patterns were on sale for $1!). Which brings me to my next topic.

I wanted to go buy some ribbing and thread for a specific project I had in mind, and we passed a thrift store called Mustard Seed. We don't normally go there, but we decided to stop in that day. Good thing we did, too! There was a 2-day $0.25 sell on anything you could wear! My husband and I got a good handful of awesome new clothes, including some heavy coats for this winter. I bought a ton of sweaters to turn into newborn pants to practice sewing and maybe sell on etsy. (I just opened my first store!) I also got a few project pieces that I'm excited to try out. I have so much material to practice on now! Stay tuned; I will be keeping you up to date on my projects and progress!

I might not be sewing a whole lot the next two days, though. There are Frozen Stone games (which are pretty much highland games in the winter) tonight and tomorrow, so I will be there taking pictures. I will share those after they have been edited!

Oh! There's another update! I have started doing portrait photography. I love editing the pictures a lot, so I offered to do free shoots on facebook. The response was fantastic, and I was able to add a ton of great images to my facebook portfolio!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Walgreens Rolling Register Rewards Deal!!!

Walgreens Rolling Register Rewards Deal (11/2014)

Hi friendlies! I haven't been couponing in a while; my budget has been tighter, and the deals haven't been as good. This week, though, there are almost $50 in register rewards (Walgreens) throughout the store, including a lot of free items, even without coupons.

Here is a rolling deal I found (Rolling means you can keep doing it over and over).

Vivioptal multivitamins for $10, get a $10 RR
Hair,Nail, Skin vitamin gummies for $7, get a $7 RR
Liquid antacid for $3, get a $3 RR

Transaction #1: Vivioptal multivitamins (pay $10, get a $10 RR)
Transaction #2: Buy the gummies and antacid (use the $10 RR from before, get a $7 RR and $3 RR)
Transaction #3: Buy the Vivioptal and one other low-priced item (use the $7 and $3 RR, pay for the second item, get a $10 RR)

And just keep going! If your store says "limit one per person per day" ... bring your husband, sister, etc. They can use your card, but they have to be at the register with you. You can also try going in the morning and then later at night when there is a different cashier. Some stores aren't as strict and might let you do 2-3 of each item.

If your family is big on their vitamins (like mine), there is a BOGO Free sale on Nature's Best vitamins and supplements. The best part is that some even give you points when you buy two! (and of course, we are buying two of everything, since they are buy one, get one free!)


Hi all! So I have never done a makeup of the day. Once in a while, I will share a fun eye look I am satisfied with on Instagram. I have hooded eyes (right?), so you can't see the colors as well. Anyways here are a few pictures I took of how it all turned out.

Yes, I generally have crazy eyebrows.

I can never get the color I want from one product...

I don't take selfies hardly ever ... But I felt the need this time!

By the way, what do you think of that background?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Down from 100

Afternoon, everyone :) On Tuesday, I didn't have any classes, so I decided to put up my nail polish rack and sort through some items to get rid of for the 100 Item Challenge!

I got rid of a bunch of DVDs and a few VHSs, as well as an old coffe pot, a microphone, and a few other things. It brings me from 23/100 to 38/100. Is anyone else willing to try this?!

Friday, November 14, 2014


You saw in my first 100 Day Challenge post that I had a plush octopus to draw on. Here is how it turned out!



4 Apps to Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram

Hi all! I have been addicted to Instagram lately. I wanted to have it on my iPad, so I went to the apple store to find it... But I didn't. Instead, I found 4 awesome, free apps that added real likes to the images of my choice, as well as got me a few followers. I am always looking to be seen by companies that need someone to promote them on social media, and this is a great way to do it. You aren't buying likes, you are trading a like for a like.

 With all these apps (except the follower one), you get a coin for each image of someone else's that you like. The exchange rate differs on the apps. Some are 2 coins for 1 like, some are 40 coins for 20 likes, etc. It's nice to be on all three apps since you will find new images to like. Yes, you can skip a picture that you don't like or find inappropriate. Sometimes you can watch sponsor videos and get coins, also.

With all of the Like apps, you get to choose what picture you want, as well as how many likes you receive. It has taken about 15 minutes before I have all of my likes that I ordered, which is surprisingly fast!

Tip: If you want companies to notice you, choose images of their products in which the company is tagged. If you are promoting an idea like breast cancer awareness, choose the image that you know you put the correct tags on. Don't waste likes on selfies, unless your instagram is just that. You can use these tools as a way to increase your visibility and gain new, legitimate followers, so choose carefully.

Here is a screenshot of each app's icon, with their name.

Again, all of these are free! And here are real people on the other end of the like, not a robot.

Note: instagram only allows 60 follow requests to be made on an account per day. You can receive unlimited followers, but you can only request to follow 60 different people a day. On the brith side, you can like unlimited pictures!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

10 Tips for Driving in Snow

The first snow of the season has snuck up on us here in Idaho! That being said, there are some TERRIBLE drivers made worse by the weather. I am talking about life-endangering idiots who think that a four-wheel drive vehicle means they can gun it on the same road as you and your children are driving on. That's why I decided to offer some tips: to help everyone be a safer driver, whether you are a seasoned snow driver or not.

1. Go slow.
You don't HAVE to go the speed limit. If there is ice on the road or snow blowing across it, slow down. It will give you more time to stop in case you slide, and your sliding won't be as destructive.

2. Be mindful of others.
No, we aren't the only people on the road. Stay focused on the task at hand (driving), and pay close attention to every car around you. Try to avoid trucks that want to go way too fast; they may spin out and endanger you. 

3. Give everyone extra space.
In drivers education, we are taught to leave a car length's space between us and the car ahead of us. Double that when you drive on icy roads in the city. It will also give you more time to stop, in case of a spin-out or if the person in front of you starts to slide.

4. Take the time to warm up your car.
A warm car will help you keep your car in good shape and make it easier to keep your eyes on the road. You shouldn't be rubbing your hands together while trying to drive! If there is snow on the ground, give your vehicle at least 10 minutes of idling to warm up the engine before leaving the house.

5. Keep all windows clear.
This is very important... and required by the state. Use a scraper to clear the snow off of all windows and mirrors. A single snowy window is a blind spot, which can be terrifying in a storm, when trying to pull out in an icy parking lot, or when trying to change lanes. Wear gloves, and scrape!

6. Avoid the roads after dark.
I know this isn't possible for everyone every time. But. When at all possible, leave home or work early. The temperature drops when the sun goes down, and all that melted slouch on the roads will quickly become black ice. Be especially careful and watchful if you are driving after dark.

7. Don't text or accept calls while driving.
First off, you shouldn't be texting and driving ever. When the roads are snowy, don't answer your phone, period. Even a moment of taking your hands off the wheel and your attention from the road can make it so you aren't able to avoid collision with the car ahead of you.

8. Keep the radio on low.
This has to do with staying focused. You will want to be aware of the sounds your car makes, as well as the sounds of cars outside. There could be horns blaring, sirens wailing, crashing of vehicles ... and you didn't hear any of it over the sound of your music. So, please keep the tunes on low! If you have kids in the car, give them a quiet game to play, like Eye-Spy.

9. Always have your defrost on.
The defrost setting in your car sends heat to the windows. It melts the ice so you don't have to scrape it off. It also keeps your windows from fogging up while you drive. Your body produces heat, and having the heater on does, too, but the windows are still cold. The heat will cause the windows to fog up suddenly, which means you won't be able to see where you are going. Don't worry, though. Most cars have an option for defrost and bottom heat.

10. Dress warm.
You never know when you will be in an accident, when you will have to walk 4 blocks to the nearest gas station, or when the heater will go out suddenly on the way home. Hats, scarves, gloves, boots, coat. Don't leave home without them.

Bonus tips! (Because I thought of them AFTER having made the picture)

11. Keep blankets in the car.
Refer to point number ten. Blankets will keep you warm if you have to leave your car. They will also keep your kids warm if they have to stay in the car.

12. Leave 15 minutes earlier than you normally would if there is snow on the ground. You don't want to be in a rush to get to work when you are driving on ice. It's not safe for you or anyone else on the road.

13. Give yourself time to stop.
Normally, you can halt to a stop if you need to. When the roads are snowy, that won't work. Give yourself time to stop slowly, that way you won't be sliding all over the place! 

Gwynniebee Faves ... Reds and Pinks

I have been eyeballing for a LONG time. They are a site that let's you rent your wardrobe, as many pieces as you want in a month. You are limited on how many pieces you can have out at a time, but the shipping is always free. Plus, the site is based on plus sized women.

I decided to do an entry, because they currently have an email-only special where you get to try the site for $10 for the first month. Thus, get on their site and sign up! It's free.

I love capris. I would choose them over shorts almost any time of the year. I particularly love the soft color on these. They could be good for spring with a pale top or for fall with a dark floral blouse.

I have been all about plums and wines this fall. The neckline is great, the lace is awesome, and the color is beautiful. I think I would want a bolero, though.

Going along that color scheme line, look at this skirt! It hugs the waist so nicely. Yum. It would be awesome for layering with!

This cardigan almost didn't make it on the list. I love the patterns and the warm colors, but the thick collar edging feels almost old-ladyish. No, not vintage. You know what I mean. It just looks so comfortable!

Last but not least is this DIY-looking sweatshirt-like pullover. It looks comfortable, chic, and warm!

I won't be purchasing gwynniebee for a while, unless I get an offer for a free month. Also, I am wanting to wait until I am down to 200 lbs. I am at 252, down from 263! We are on track!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

100 Item Challenge - Day 1

Good afternoon everyone! I have decided to participate in a 100 item challenge. It's a challenge to de clutter our lives and take notice of how much we actually have! You get 30 days to donate, toss, gift, or sell 100 items! That's 25 a week!!!

Today is day 1, and here is a list of stuff I am getting rid of!

If you want to keep up with some of what I'm doing, check me out on instagram: youngmrshealthy or #100itemchallenge

1/100 A toy octopus I bought to draw on. Drawing complete, time for it to find a new home!

2/100 A hot dog costume I bought for my cocker spaniel Romeo. It was second hand and I got it because it was too cute to pass up! $3 down the drain.

3/100 one of my wooden jewelry boxes. I just love jewelry boxes and containers, but I never really use them... I don't even wear jewelry very often because I'm allergic to metal in my ears.


These are elf products that I never use, for one reason or another. They have just been sitting in a drawer ... Why have I been saving them?!

18-20/100 I used to sell jewelry on facebook, and I have a LOT left. I sold it all for $20. Woot! I am counting it as 3 instead of the 40+ individual pieces since they took up 3 unique spots in my house.

22-23/100 I also sold 31 packages of dog treats that I got for free when couponing ... But my dog won't eat. That's another $10 in the bank and a huge drawer cleaned out!

Whew. I can't wait to do more later on in the week! I might have to make it a 200 item challenge if it keeps up like this!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nail Rack and Polish Collection

Remember my last or so post, about getting the gift cards from Influenster? Well, the items I ordered with those gift cards both arrived this week!

My nail polish collection before ....

....and after!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

eBay Cards From Influenster

Hi everyone! So, over the past month, I have been doing digital VoxBoxes for Influenster. Specifically, creating guides and and collections. If you want to see my work, check me out on eBay: lady2and3.

Anyways, due to that work, I have been given several gift cards! Today, I got a special card as a bonus, and they featured my work on their site! This whole experience has been very exciting.

I pulled all the cards together and got two things I have really had my eye on this past year: a guitar pick punch and a nail polish rack. I got both for an awesome price, and I can't wait for everything to come in so I can share it with you! The rack is for organizing my ridiculous amount of polish. The punch is so I can make guitar picks out of used gift cards, credit cards, etc. I have seen a lot of people sell them on eBay and Listia, so I am hoping I can make a little extra on the side. So excited!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rats and Pumpkin

I have 5 lady rats, and sometimes, they just need something different to do! I noticed a few people on facebook giving pumpkins to their rats, so I joined in. This was a tiny little pumpkin, maybe 8" tall and diameter. All I did was cut three holes for them to get in ... the rest of the destruction is all them!

Prasai's Taste of Thai

I love Thai food so much! My husband and I split a plate like this a few times a week. The food is so flavorful and so good for you. If you have never had Thai food, find someone who has and make them take you.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

To Pocatello ... and home again

Good afternoon, friendlies. I had to take a 2-hour trip to Pocatello, so I thought it would be a good time to play with my camera. I really do live in a beautiful state, even in bleak fall weather!

This is my all-time favorite photo from the shoot!

I have been practicing taking pics of mountains recently.

One side of the highway was all cumulus clouds, the other side was (I want to say) sirius clouds ... the thin, wispy ones.

I was doing the whole "private-eye" thing while we were at the stop light. I just really like this shot!

I was hoping for a less cloudy sunset, but I won't complain. The clouds diffused the light and made for some interesting silhouettes!

This is one of my favorites ....

So it this one.

I just loved the soft pastels of the mountain and sunset. This is my new facebook header!