Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hey everyone! So in my last post, I told you about the Bikini Ready energy gummies I got from Influenster. One of their requests is a post about my secrets to a bikini ready lifestyle. Let's do it!

Firstly, I don't wear bikinis BUT I do love to swim!

My secret to getting ready for swimming season:

1) Drink lots of water!

2) Take vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy!

3) Take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil throughout the day. There are so many health benefits to coconut oil, its insane!

4) Stay active! I take a spinning class to get my heart rate up and to SWEAT! The key is to do something other than sit, though. Walk around the block, tighten and loosen the muscles of your body one at a time as you do dishes, things like that.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Vitality Vox Box

Hi everyone! I got another VoxBox in the mail from Influenster, and I thought I would share the contents, as well as my quick, initial review of the products. You like product reviews right? ... Right?!

Here is an overview of the box. I am pretty sure everything is in this picture ... Sometimes I get excited and start using things before I take my pics! Bad habit, I know :(

This is the informational card that comes in every box. It explains a little about the product, gives the retail prices, and also gives you a quick 1-2-3 guide at the top to remind you to participate in the badge challenges. I don't see these posted enough, so here ya go :)

This is my favorite product from this box, so I will start with it. (No, this isn't my picture.)
It is the softlips cube. 

First off, they gave me a $1/1 coupon, and I do love my coupons :)
Secondly, the formula works. It's smooth, no smell, a little bit of vanilla flavor... But it also keeps my lips moist or unchaps them. (Is that a word?)

The company info sheet says it's a 5-in-1 formula that is supposed to hydrate with Shea butter, replenish with vitamins A,C and E, smooth, protect with SPF 15, and shine. Yes, it does all that.

The cube packaging is nice to encounter after all the EOS eggs, not to say I don't like the egg shape. But. Change once in a while keeps us young.

This is my least favorite product. (Again, not my pic) I LOVE my sweet tea. They sent me an unsweetened tea ... So I just don't like it. Moving on to the facts, now.

There are zero calories in the unsweetened tea, also zero of everything else, including sugars. The ingredients are brewed tea and citric acid. Caffeine content is 30mg/8 fl oz. serving size is 8 fl oz and there are 2.5 servings. 

Oh! This is a Lipton product.

I would love to try the other flavors, but this unsweetened tea is one I avoid. No sugar, no go.

Moving on!

Here is a product I never would have tried on my own. It's the bikini ready energy gummies. In the sample pack, I was sent 2 gummies. This is a product that doesn't make any sense to me ...

In the ingredients, there is coloring, flavoring, acids ... but it doesn't mention vitamins or anything like that. Plus, they don't really taste that good, once you get past the sugar. 

I didn't notice a change in energy. I won't invest in these. Next product.

First aid kit material! Yes!
Unfortunately, I don't burn myself (except for my tongue). Thus, I haven't had to use this.

Its supposed to help heal minor burns, rawness, and stop itching.

And finally ...

My second favorite product! (Since you should always end on a positive note)

This is the Elizabeth Arden flawless future serum.

There wasn't much in the way of instruction, but it did explain what the formula is supposed to do. It is supposed to even skin tone and reduce the look of wrinkles, among other thing. The evening of skin tone is what I'm hoping it will do for me!

Cons: There is an odd smell to it, but it isn't terribly strong.

Pros: It acts like a primer.
It has helped keep my morning oil down.
3 pumps on the sample covered my entire face.

That's all, folks! If you have more questions, want to contest me, etc., leave a comment below! Have a great day ^.^