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Review of 8 Aziza Palettes

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When I first bought these palettes, I thought is as getting something special. There were tons of shades that I loved and lots of potential. Thus, I bought all 8 that were available for $1 each. After doing some research, I found that these are really more of 2-3 star item instead of the 3-4 star that I thought they were. I tried out every color on every palette!!! Here is my final decision/opinion.

Overview of all these Aziza palettes

Here are some important things to know before buying the palettes, things that hold true for all 8 of these palettes.

1) The light colors barely show, even with primer and a white cream base color.
2) These are not very pigmented at all.
3) The colors really do go well together. If you are looking to buy individual colors somewhere else, you can use these palettes as a reference for what shades to put together.
4) You will need to use a primer and maybe a white cream base color, also, to get the colors to show at all.
5) The product lasts pretty long with E.L.F. Primer. (No creasing, also.)
6) Aziza is a dollar store product that is dollar store quality.

(The information will be ABOVE the picture.)

Dallas was the one palette everyone raved about.  They loved the natural color palette and how each shade blended well with the others. I liked all the colors on here except for the three lightest ones. My favorite was the darkest brown, a sort of dusty, muddy chocolate.

Paris was the first palette I did swatches of. I had to go over the colors 4-5 times to get them to show very well on my hand. This was a tie for my least favorite palette. The colors are too childish, in my opinion.

Nashville was the other tie for my least favorite, mostly because I REALLY don't like blue eyeshadow. The dark blue on this would be better if it were more pigmented. As it stands, I used a base and primer, as well as packed on the powder, and I still ended up with a barely-there color. 
On another note, I really liked the grey-ish and the lighter red (a.k.a. The colors with hearts on them in the picture below.)

Phoenix was actually a favorite. I was disappointed with the mint; I was hoping it would be more pigmented. As you can see in the picture, the mint comes out as more of a light day-look than a bold look. I actually like it just a such tis way, so no hard feelings, Aziza!
The greys surprised me. They made for a great smokey look. Since there is. Bright and a dark grey, a smokey look is possible for both a day a night look with this palette. 
The white made for the best brow highlighter out of all the palettes.
The red is a fantastic brick color that is rather tame. The pigment leans towards a brown rather than an orange, so the red isn't harsh in any sense of the word. 

This New York palette reminds me of chocolate bars.
Nothing special about this palette. Every shade is a variation or copy of the other shades. I did have three favorite colors, though.

I apologize for the blurry photos! I didn't realize until it was too late!!!
I really liked the plum on this one. I loved the reddish tendencies it had, pulling away from the blues found in a lot of purples. It makes it easier to use a purple without having a black eye look!

Denver ... was just fine. I liked the chocolates in this one a lot. The shade of blue also seemed brighter that with Paris. On the right, you can see where I paired the darkest brown with the blue and came up with a fun day or night look.

Say hello to my other favorite!!!
(Hello, "other favorite"!)
Thank you :)

This is probably the best palette they have, if you prefer green eyeshadow over blue. It very much reminds me of a forest palette. If you want a subtle, earthy look, this is the one to buy. The green is such a shade that it doesn't overpower you with color. The browns are such that you can easily creat a smokey look without being too dark.
I would not say that this is a palette for a night look, though, as these h no turn out to be very pigmented.

That's all, folks!

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