Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hey everyone! So in my last post, I told you about the Bikini Ready energy gummies I got from Influenster. One of their requests is a post about my secrets to a bikini ready lifestyle. Let's do it!

Firstly, I don't wear bikinis BUT I do love to swim!

My secret to getting ready for swimming season:

1) Drink lots of water!

2) Take vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy!

3) Take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil throughout the day. There are so many health benefits to coconut oil, its insane!

4) Stay active! I take a spinning class to get my heart rate up and to SWEAT! The key is to do something other than sit, though. Walk around the block, tighten and loosen the muscles of your body one at a time as you do dishes, things like that.


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