Friday, September 6, 2013

Color tattoo initial review: white and taupe

I went to Walmart and did a huge haul. I it were two of the color tattoo shades from Maybelline: infinite white and tough as taupe. This post is just my initial thoughts on them after having used them in a rush this morning.

This is the infinite white. I bought it because I couldn't find a single white eyeliner pencil at Walmart!!! Anyways, a little goes a long way. I'm looking forward to experimenting with this as a base to the rest of my shadow later on. It stayed on all day without a problem, and I had no problems with application. It's very creamy!!

This is the tough as taupe color. Honestly ... It looks like mud. It's a brown, but it is sort of grey, sort of purple .... I ended up buying a scarf to match it. Hehe. It went on the same shade as it looked (a.k.a. It was very true to the color), which wasn't what I was expecting. Again, a little goes a long way!!!

I will do a follow up review with images of it on my eyes (hopefully) after I have had more time to experiment with them.

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