Friday, April 4, 2014

O Tangle, where art thou?

Hi all!
Here is the summary of my first 3 days in april. I learned a new tangle, plus I did something terrifyingly lovely (according to me): I created tangles from watching a movie.

That's right.

My husband and I were watching "O Brother, Where Art Thou". I was tangling as I enjoyed the show, and little tidbits kept popping up to me. Day 3 is where you will find everything. 

Tangles on Day 3:

1) See in the bottom left corner? That's the microphone that the Soggy Bottom Boys sing into. 
2)The top left corner is their suspenders. 
3)The ouline of "3" is the rim of the Dapper Dan cans.
4) The simple line flares around the curve (the one's that look like slices in the crust of an apple pie) are from the megaphone that is floating when the valley is flooded.

I am going to do more of them like this!!!

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