Sunday, March 1, 2015

Clearance Jewelry from Fred Meyers

Fred Meyers has fantastic jewelry sales every few months. I was lucky enough to stop in the week after Valentine's when they were having a 75% off all Curfew jewelry... and of course I looked through the clearance items first! Here are the pieces I bought.

This is my favorite piece, but its also a disappointment: the charm part broke off within a few hours of wearing it. Its an easy fix, but... disappointing.

Both pairs of earrings were normally $7.99 +tax, they were clearanced to $5.97, and they were 75% off!  
*Does happy dance!*

I love these, but I would love them even more if they studs were gold! DIY project on the way!!!

I also got to try out a new backdrop-ish. Its a weathered board I found behind my house and two different log pieces from some trees we had to cut down. I'm so happy with how the pictures turned out!


  1. Such great deals! Love those turquoise earrings!