Thursday, January 1, 2015

Floral Rayon Fabric + Plans

I love going to Walmart and checking out their clearance fabrics. This fantastic rayon, semi-sheer, floral beauty was on clearance for $2 a yard! I bought all they had: 2 5/8 yd.

I have four projects in mind for this particular fabric.

Top Left Corner: I want to put arm patches on a sweater and use this fabric in the slit, so you can see the pretty colors pop out when my arms bend.

Top Right Corner: I was doing some research on this one, and I think I might need to have a stretchy fabric (which this one isn't), but I'm not 100% certain.

Bottom Left Corner: I am thinking of making a pull-over. It will be nice to have in the summer when its really hot. I will have to have a tank top under it, but at least I will have a little more sun and mosquito protection!

Bottom Right Corner: I want to make a ruched scarf!!!!!!

...Okay. Admittedly, by  the time this has been posted, I have already made the scarf.

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