Friday, November 14, 2014

4 Apps to Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram

Hi all! I have been addicted to Instagram lately. I wanted to have it on my iPad, so I went to the apple store to find it... But I didn't. Instead, I found 4 awesome, free apps that added real likes to the images of my choice, as well as got me a few followers. I am always looking to be seen by companies that need someone to promote them on social media, and this is a great way to do it. You aren't buying likes, you are trading a like for a like.

 With all these apps (except the follower one), you get a coin for each image of someone else's that you like. The exchange rate differs on the apps. Some are 2 coins for 1 like, some are 40 coins for 20 likes, etc. It's nice to be on all three apps since you will find new images to like. Yes, you can skip a picture that you don't like or find inappropriate. Sometimes you can watch sponsor videos and get coins, also.

With all of the Like apps, you get to choose what picture you want, as well as how many likes you receive. It has taken about 15 minutes before I have all of my likes that I ordered, which is surprisingly fast!

Tip: If you want companies to notice you, choose images of their products in which the company is tagged. If you are promoting an idea like breast cancer awareness, choose the image that you know you put the correct tags on. Don't waste likes on selfies, unless your instagram is just that. You can use these tools as a way to increase your visibility and gain new, legitimate followers, so choose carefully.

Here is a screenshot of each app's icon, with their name.

Again, all of these are free! And here are real people on the other end of the like, not a robot.

Note: instagram only allows 60 follow requests to be made on an account per day. You can receive unlimited followers, but you can only request to follow 60 different people a day. On the brith side, you can like unlimited pictures!

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