Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gwynniebee Faves ... Reds and Pinks

I have been eyeballing for a LONG time. They are a site that let's you rent your wardrobe, as many pieces as you want in a month. You are limited on how many pieces you can have out at a time, but the shipping is always free. Plus, the site is based on plus sized women.

I decided to do an entry, because they currently have an email-only special where you get to try the site for $10 for the first month. Thus, get on their site and sign up! It's free.

I love capris. I would choose them over shorts almost any time of the year. I particularly love the soft color on these. They could be good for spring with a pale top or for fall with a dark floral blouse.

I have been all about plums and wines this fall. The neckline is great, the lace is awesome, and the color is beautiful. I think I would want a bolero, though.

Going along that color scheme line, look at this skirt! It hugs the waist so nicely. Yum. It would be awesome for layering with!

This cardigan almost didn't make it on the list. I love the patterns and the warm colors, but the thick collar edging feels almost old-ladyish. No, not vintage. You know what I mean. It just looks so comfortable!

Last but not least is this DIY-looking sweatshirt-like pullover. It looks comfortable, chic, and warm!

I won't be purchasing gwynniebee for a while, unless I get an offer for a free month. Also, I am wanting to wait until I am down to 200 lbs. I am at 252, down from 263! We are on track!

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