Friday, November 7, 2014

eBay Cards From Influenster

Hi everyone! So, over the past month, I have been doing digital VoxBoxes for Influenster. Specifically, creating guides and and collections. If you want to see my work, check me out on eBay: lady2and3.

Anyways, due to that work, I have been given several gift cards! Today, I got a special card as a bonus, and they featured my work on their site! This whole experience has been very exciting.

I pulled all the cards together and got two things I have really had my eye on this past year: a guitar pick punch and a nail polish rack. I got both for an awesome price, and I can't wait for everything to come in so I can share it with you! The rack is for organizing my ridiculous amount of polish. The punch is so I can make guitar picks out of used gift cards, credit cards, etc. I have seen a lot of people sell them on eBay and Listia, so I am hoping I can make a little extra on the side. So excited!!!

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