Thursday, March 27, 2014

Arrival of the Uni VoxBox!!!

Hey all my friendlies! So. I got the Uni VoxBox in the mail a few days ago, courtesy of Influenster and all the participating sponsors. There was a lot of nice stuff this time, as well as some great coupons. There are also several AWESOME brand contests going on this time, too! (You might remember I was one of the winners for the Colgate contest last time *ahem*).

Let's get starteeeeeeeed!

Here is the overview of the items that came in my box. Influenster always includes a little note that tells a little about the product as well as the average retail of each item. This Uni VoxBox is worth about $26.50 retail ... very nice, indeed!

I will start with the tea! (Their media: @ShareRedRoseTea  #RealTea )

Let me begin by saying that I am not a black tea person nor am I someone to add things to my already-delicious water. Oi. That being said, it does have a very nice flavor. Yes, it does taste like tea, and no, it does not contain aspertame. Coursious as to how to use it? Well, let me vine it for you!

My husband and nephew both LOVED the tea. Retail is $4.50 and you get 24 servings out of it, depending on how strong you like your tea. It works both hot and cold. Awesome. Next item!!!

This is the Acroball pen; mine came in yellow. As an artist (Have you seen my tangle blog?!, I am always looking for new pens and other what-not's to create my tangles with! I really liked this pen for one reason: ink flow.

Yes, el cheapo pens will work just fine for every day. But. Those same pens often will blotch the check you are trying to write or run dry, then work, then not work, then ... yeah, you know what I mean. I have been messing with this pen for a while and I haven't had that problem. Plus, look how well it works on my hand! (something that drives my husband nuts ... but I LOVE to write on my hand ...)


Alright. It's not that time of the month, so I can't quite tell you about the Playtex! BUT!!! I will edit this and include that review when the time comes.

Moving on.

This is the NYC Expertwear lipstick in Fiery Fuscia. Now, on my pintrest (you mean, you don't follow me?!), I show how I am all about the pink and orange for summer and spring. And January when those were my wedding colors, of course. Anyways ...
This is SUPER pink. Like barbie pink, except it has blue undertones and isn't as light. Very close, though! The formula was smooth, but it went on a little spotty. Even with a stain underneath, it wasn't terribly easy to make it so I didn't see the skin under the lipstick.

That's about 6-8 swipes across. If you do just one swipe and really rub your lips together, it is much more wearable as an everyday color. Just a tip. :D

And Finally to the imPRESS nails!

What was that I just said about pink and orange?! Maybe Influenster follows my Pintrest ... it's possible, you know!?

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