Monday, March 31, 2014

Falling behind already?!


Yes, I have fallen behind on uploading daily already. Oi. But! I am only a day behind, and I am still doing a tangle everyday ... even if I run out of time to upload it. Here it is!

This one I played with the tangle "footlights" (bottom right) and I tried to make up the rest on my own, with a few exceptions. I really liked how the circular, oyster-looking ones turned out ... don't be surprised if you see my baby oysters repeatedly in the future!

Here is a recap of my first 3 days ...

I look at this and think to myself, "Wow ... I did that ...". It absolutely blows my mind!

To the author of this book, you made a fantastic choice on paper. Its smooth, easy to blend on, but it isn't glossy or too thick, nor does it feel like "writing" paper. I love it to pieces.

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