Thursday, June 12, 2014

ELF Eye Enhancing Mascara Review

No, I don't have before-and-after pictures for this one, I just wanted to drop a plug for this mascara.

ELF (eyeslipsface) has a lot of cheap mascaras and a lot of inexpensive ones. Is there a difference? You can bet your sweet keister there is. For one, both have to cost very little. A cheap mascara doesn't do its job as well as other similarly priced mascaras, etc. An inexpensive one is a great buy.

Alright ... there are other factors also ... but we are missing the point!

ELF has a lot of mascaras for $3 and less. The one I want to talk about is the ELF Eye Enhancing Mascara, specifically the blue one. (Blue mascara?! Don't worry ... its more like black with hints of blue.)

image from

This is one of 2 of my favorite mascaras from elf. The formula is lasting, doesn't irritate my eyes, and isn't clumping. Of course, the clumping could be from the interesting wand ... but either way, this is worth the money! ($3)

A mascara I would recommend not buying from elf:

    e.l.f. Essential Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

    Its a dollar but it is by no means waterproof or worth the $1.

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