Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Women Will Never Ditch Their Make Up Bag

Why Women Will Never Ditch Their MakeUp Bag
Looking good inspires many women to feel good about themselves. Some of them prefer being all natural whereas others love using artificial enhancers like permanent perfection makeup. There is so much variety involved in make up! You hear a lot from make up creators about how they talk about make up to women, creating an ideal that doesn't exist, but we women still buy into the ideal that it is enough to make us feel good about ourselves everyday.

Here are just a few reasons so many women can't live without make up. Which reason do you associate yourself with?

It Disguises Flaws
Makeup masks any imperfection that an individual might have. For example, when concealers are properly applied on the face, darker spots often found below the eyes can be concealed. Foundations often disguise flaws very well. 

It Enhances Appearance

With makeup playing a big part in catwalks trends, makeup creators often use these trends to appeal to everyday women. Some women are inspired to copy catwalk trends which allows they to feel creative and portray another part of their personality. 

It Augments Definition

Makeup adds definition to the desirable facial features. Cheekbones and eyebrows are popular ways of augmenting definition. Lip liners help accentuate contour and regain fullness of the lip shape.

It Boosts Confidence

Individuals who are sensitive and overly conscious of their body flaws can rely heavily on makeup. However, with makeup, all these blemishes will be masked, forgotten about enough that you feel nobody notices them. For many women, putting on makeup is an essential daily routine that they cannot skip. Many of them cannot go a day face-naked, because it gives them confidence knowing that they look attractive.

It Exhibits a Person's Sense of Style

Wearing make-up enables you to display your sense of style to the world. It also allows you to play around with different exotic colors and shades to create your own personal style.


The beauty industry is among the industries with the highest number of jobs globally. The demand for beautician services is constantly growing worldwide with the majority of clients being women. Professionals who offer these services are in high demand everywhere. Having a Hair and Beauty NVQ Accreditation is highly desirable to employers when looking to join a salon to start your career. 

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