Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nail Art || Strawberry Nails

Polishes used:
Pink - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "Mighty Mango"
Green - China Glaze "Four Leaf Clover"
Black - Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard "Study Date" (black end)

How To

Here is another really simple one to do. You will need a tool to do the leaves (dotting tool, toothpick, or pencil will work just fine)

Step 1: Apply a base coat. (Red or pink or variations there of)

Step 2: Apply a line of green and let it dry (just like the watermelon rind in the last tutorial).

Step 3: When the line of green is dry, put about half a drop in the middle of the line. Using your tool (I used a tiny dotting tool), pull the wet polish towards you. I've seen this done with 3-4 fat leaves, but I like the look of having lots of skinny leaves.

Step 4: Add the seeds. I chose black, but I have seen the seeds several colors (yellow, black, pink, and green), so its really all up to you. 
Put a drop of the seed polish onto a plastic or glass surface (a.k.a. something non-absorbent). Using your tool, dip it into this polish and proceed to makes dots on your nail.

That's all there is to it! This is another look that works great on every finger or just as an accent.

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