Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Venus Snap Review

This review is a little late, but here it is!!! (Also, here is a quick Instagram video ...)


SO! This review is on the Venus Snap. I got it in a box from Influenster about a month. I was a little scared, since I haven't been having the best luck with Influenster products recently, but this one was a hit.

To start off, let me say this is a 10/10 product ... not something that comes along all the time. I am rather picky about what I consider a "good" razor, and this one simply fits the bill.

My standards say:
1) There must be at least 4 blades.
2) There must be a strip of gel to moisturize my legs and to help avoid razor burn.
3) The handle cannot be square (you know, like the cheap-o disposables?)

That's it. This razor took care of all of that, plus had some bonuses.

1) SIZE.  It is tiny enough to fit in my purse or travel bag without any fuss (which means if I decide to go swimming after a long day of work, I can take care of business easily).
2) The razor heads are disposable. I can take any Venus (and maybe other brands, I'm not sure) razor head and attach it to the body.

Well, let me explain about the razor head that is on the Venus Snap. Firstly, it is the Gillette Venus Embrace.

Love it.

The shave was close, smooth, and there was no razor burn. Thanks, Influenster. This is probably one of my top 5 products I have been sent.


Want to know more about this razor or getting free stuff from Influenster? Check out the reviews on the Influenster website.


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