Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sewing a Bow Tie

One day, my husband and I had to run over to a thrift store to pick me up a pair of shorts. While there, I saw this vibrant men's shirt ($4) ... in my husband's size. I told him that if he didn't want it, I would take it and feminize it! 

His condition for wearing the shirt: 
I had to make him a pink bow tie.


I was lucky enough to find a tie and bow tie pattern at another thrift store (for $0.25, I might add. Score!). The bow tie pattern had already been cut for a 14" neck ... and Shawn is an 18" neck. Keeping that in mind, this is my third attempt at a bow tie. 

First, we went to Joann Fabrics. We picked up a yellow, green and this pink, as well as some fusible interfacing.

For this bow tie, I make it tube style. That means I needed two pieces of the same shape.

Cutting the interfacing to the general shape ...

Ironing on the interfacing ....

(Yes, I realize there are better ways to do it... the interfacing ends up fusing to the ironing board this way.)

All fused ...

After it's all fused, I trim the excess edges off.

Sew it up wrong sides out ...

... and spend 10 minutes turning the silly thing right-side-out after making a few cuts on the rounded edges. Oi.

Finally, I ironed it and hand-sewed the 3-4 inches of open fabric to seal the deal. Doesn't it look awesome next to the Alexander Julian shirt?!

The final results ... a happy husband! I will share the results with the other colors when I get them made. His work has a bow tie Monday... and this is his first bow tie.

Bow ties are super easy to make and look amazing, as long as you take the time to go around curves and pull the seams out when ironing. I could make them all day!!!

What do you think?!


  1. Lovely DIY. You've made it look so super simple. Bowties and bows, were one of the first things I learnt when I started sewing. I haven't made one in a very long time however, I must do some more, because there is something so relaxing and pleasing about doing smaller, simpler projects. x

    1. I have a love affair with DIY hehehe. There are so many fantastic projects, that if I don't limit myself to an area (ex. sewing or jewelry), then I end up with this huge list, piles of inspiration and the desire to buy more and more supplies.

      I have been sewing a lot, recently, and I'm in love.

  2. I love it! It turned out really good, sewing is something I really want to learn to do, I need to invest in a sewing machine and maybe some patience hahaha