Monday, February 2, 2015

Maze Runner - Movie Review

Hi everyone! My husband and I LOVE watching new movies. Going to theaters is pretty pricey... almost $10 a person! We choose Redbox!!! (Even though they have raised their prices, too ... >.< ). Last night, we decided to rent Maze Runner (before having read the book, yes). Here is my quick overview of the movie.


I like the concept, but I had a few issues with the movie in general. 

1) There were four or five times where the kids swore. This could have been a film for teen boys to enjoy (even with the violent Grievers) if they just kept out the bad language.

2) The acting was not fantastic. Sadly. There were a few problem areas, like when Teresa wakes up. There's no way she could have seen and recognized Thomas before she passed out again. And the main runner that's a redhead? "We can't deny that." Lol. 

I loved that the Grievers are pretty creepy, but you don't see blood or skewering.

Great ending to lead into a sequel. The whole thing just felt like it was missing something... 
Probably not something I will watch again in the near future. I would give it 2/5 stars.

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